Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mommy Perfection

Obviously there is no such thing as being perfect.  A perfect person, wife, mother, child, whatever.  But "Mommy Perfection"  is a moment in time when life could not be more splendiferous (for you Fancy Nancy fans out there, she really nails word choice)!

Example 1.  My two year old son now says "Mom. MOm. Moooommm.  MOmmmmmyyy. Mom. Mom. Mom. MOmmmmm.  Wus Up?"  {what's up?}  And I melt into a million billion pieces.  Because he does it with this little smile on his face that makes me swoon and sort of puckers his lips at the same time.  That is Mommy Perfection.  Or I suppose it would also qualify as Donovan perfection  {yesterday was most certainly NOT  Donovan perfection, I've never been more happy for a new day}.

Example 2.  LaylaShayla {that's not really her name, we're not cruel} -  Announces to me this morning that she is not going to do one single naughty thing all day and she's going to help and be sweet.  This is finished off with a big huge hug, and one sideways, meaningful glance at her older sister who has been nothing short of an hormonal-13-year-old-in-an-8-year-old-body.  Fun right?  As she got out of the van this morning at school she tops off all the sweetness with "I can't wait to get home to cuddle with you!"  And one more pointed look at her grumpy big sister.

Example 3. After I happily dropped off the Tall Grumpster at school to let her teacher enjoy some of it too, I get home and go through her papers from last night and find this beauty.  And now I can't wait for her to get home and wrap her lanky self into my arms {maybe I will sit on her lap}  and smooch her grumpy little face.

It says- "My favorite meal I ever ate is giant shells, rolls and corn.  My mom found it on the computer from someone else.  One time I had 2 but I wanted more.  That time I ate 4 giant shells that night.  And I drank 2 cups of water and 1 cup of milk."  (Ironically, this is what I have on the menu for this evening.  If you would like the recipe for Stuffed Shells, check my recipe page Real Recipes for Real Families.)

And I'm off.  To get my tush kicked by my 4 year old at My Little Pony Memory for the second time this week.
Mommy Perfection. 

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