Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"She is Clothed in Strength.."

I would like to introduce you to my cousin Stacey.  Technically she is my cousin-in-law (or some such title), but I claim her as my own.  She deserves to lose the "in-law" title if for no other reason than that she CHOSE to be part of our crazy family!
Beautiful, no?!
Stacey is my age. Which means she has also had three 28th birthdays.  She has the biggest heart of just about anyone I have ever met.  Jacob and Stacey have 5 adorable children. 

So you may be wondering why I want you meet my cousin.  Well, like many people all over the world, she is fighting with every ounce of her being to rid herself of cancer.

Last March she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a very rare soft tissue cancer.  It matasticized to her lungs.  Both lungs. 

Ever since then, she and Jacob have been driving 5 hours every two weeks to receive her chemo.  Since April she has been fighting with her body, and loving and caring for her family.... Just like she has always done.  Because you see, at her core, Stacey is a Mom.  This woman, was created by our Lord, to be a mother.  And even when you have cancer, and lose all your hair, and energy, you are still a mom.  And this is Stacey's first priority and concern. 

She has the patience of a saint, and a sweetness that is rare and genuine.

I can tell you right now, that if I had cancer there is a good chance that I would do a whole lot of ranting and raving.  Then I would move on to a whole lot of pouting.  Then I would probably skip, hop and jump right into self pity and be overly concerned with my vanity.  I would hold onto every last strand of my hair and sob into my pillow when they just wouldn't stay put. 

But that's me, and I'm not as gracious or strong.

The day before her very first round of chemo, she went to a beauty salon, cut off her beautiful brown hair, and donated it. With a smile.

Y'all, I would not be anywhere near a salon the day before chemotherapy.  I would likely be in bed, under my covers hosting a humongous pity party, and the only invitees would be several varieties of kleenex boxes.

But that is NOT who Stacey is.
The reason that I bring her up to all of you today is because she was nearing then end of her long cancer tunnel.  She was supposed to finish up the first week of December.
But this weekend, Jacob noticed that her speech was a little slurred, and that part of her face wasn't moving.
So they rushed her to an MRI. 
A 2.5 cm tumor was found on her brain.
Praise God with modern medicine they were able to remove it the very next morning.
We are all still waiting to hear results of biopsies and a lumbar puncture.
But that still doesn't answer the question of why I think you, the blogging community should know all of this.
Here is why.
She isn't a number. Stacey is not a stat.  She isn't patient X in a random oncology ward.
This is a daughter, a wife, a mommy, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a grandaughter.  Her name is Stacey.
And her family is scared.
We are holding onto the promises of God in His word. 
God doesn't promise we won't go through cancer. But He does promise to hold onto us. He does promise that at the end of our lives, whenever that may be, He will be waiting for us, should we accept that give. He does promise peace that passes all understanding.
So we are clinging to that, sometimes on our feet, and sometimes on our knees.
Stacey is a gift to everyone who knows her.  She continues to bring joy, even to doctors who don't always bring good news.
So blogging world, I come to you.  I have seen mighty things happen with this crazy interconnected community.  Wheelchairs have been given, water wells dug, children adopted and rescued from terrible orphanages, support has been given to the hurting, laughter has been shared, and kindness given amidst heartbreak.
And I believe with all my heart, that when we rise up, and lift up a fellow mother, a child of God, our prayers will be heard.
And right now we are praying hard for healing. Praying for her scared husband who loves his wife in the depths of his soul. Praying for their children, who need their mommy in their lives.
Stacey is not just another among millions.  She is one in a million. 
Please join me in praying for her and sending her messages to uplift her. You can leave comments here for her, or visit her Caring Bridge site to encourage and help. 
Because that is what we do.  We help, even when it is a stranger.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Mari. My heart goes out to Stacey, to her family, and to you. I will pray for this sweet momma today and everyday the Lord puts her on my heart. Praying for strength, peace, and miracles!

  2. Praying here too...great post/tribute to her.

  3. Many many prayers

  4. praying and thankyou for sharing stacey's story with us! My sister has breast cancer and I am shouting to the world that she's not a statistic either...she's my SISTER, a mother, and wife, a friend, a daughter....and SO LOVED.......I will be praying for Stacey!!!

  5. Wow. Amazing woman, and I will be praying. Praying and believing that God can do mighty things. Hugs to all.

  6. I will be praying for her and for her beautiful babies and husband every single day, I hate cancers guts. I am so very very sorry. God can do amazing miraculous beautiful things.