Sunday, December 16, 2012

InstaFriday {on Sunday}

I was cheerily making tea party snacks.
Listening to Christmas music.
Looking forward to my double date that evening.
Thought I would check in on what my messages on facebook.
That's when I heard. 
Families living a nightmare.
And since then I have been struggling to wrap my head around the pain of parents going to bed without their babies.
That, and the 26,000 kids who die every day. From preventable illnesses.
How do we go on with so much Evil in the world?
We conquer it by siding with the God of Love.
So this weekend we focused on good. Doing good.  Loving on our children.

This girl... what am I going to do with her?
Simple moments, like a dog waiting for his girls to come through that door after school

Celebrated life
Laughed with our friends
Reveled in the silliness of my little boy
Held my kindergartener a little longer and tighter
life rearranged

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