Thursday, December 13, 2012

For Yana

This is Yana

Look at that beautiful little face! My mother's heart cannot even fathom that this sweet lovie was not wanted. Isn't wanted.  It terrifies me that in a short while, she could be transferred to an institution to shrivel in despair, simply for having Down Syndrome.

I am joining with Jeannett at and Reeses Rainbow to fill this girl's grant fund.  So when the perfect family comes along, with extra love to give, with the courage to rescue this sweet child, there will be NO financial burden in the way.  $1 matters.  $5 matters. $10 is awesome.  Give a little.  Give it a lot.  Just do what you can.  And just maybe, Yana will have a family for Christmas next year.
Hop on over to Life Rearranged to hear about how you can help spread the word to save this baby. Because my heart just can't even handle writing another word about her.  Jeannett wrote beautifully about Yana and my words will not do her justice tonight.  So go read Yana's story.  She's a real baby, with no Mommy, no Daddy, scared and lonely in this world.  She matters.

life rearranged

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  1. i love your words:
    "she matters"
    ohmyword. yes, yes she does.