Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Am Not Mom of the Year

From where I'm sitting I can see a piece of fabric I've been meaning to make into a baby blanket for about 5 months.... on top of the piano.

.....a cardboard thingy of 20 hair bands..... on the end table
.....a broken picture frame.....
.....gift box on top of a pile of laundry, and speaking of those 6 baskets of laundry.....

My counters have crumbs and coffee splatters

I haven't cleaned the toilets

There are tufts of dog hair floating around like tumble weeds

I've been stepping over a crayon wrapper on the stairs for a solid 4 days

There is mail dispersed on every flat surface

My 5 year and 11 month year old daughter still sucks her thumb

I make my older 3 make their own breakfast every morning and more often than not we are harried and rushed out of the door every time I have carpool. They may or may not leave with their hair brushed.

My walls aren't clean, have chipped paint, and I forgot to touch up the blue paint on the ceiling...last May

I often choose to eat a cookie instead of running on my treadmill

And my kids will be eating corndogs for dinner.

My house will never show up on Pinterest as anything but a "before" or "what not to do" picture

Just keeping it real. 

But what I did accomplish?

Coffee yesterday morning with a friend, who likes me enough not to judge the fact that I showed up in my yoga pants!

Sleepover for my big girls, in which there was many hours of giggling and several dozen Christmas cookies made. (I just now vaccuumed the last sprinkle)

Christmas tree night with my family!

One night of dance done. Passing the 2nd night off onto Alex while I go out with a friend... to a mall... without kids!

I watched a whole Hallmark Christmas movie while I folded 6 baskets of laundry.

I made inappropriate "married people texts" to my husband to cheer him up at work, where he has been since 4:30, not being payed overtime.  He just does it because that's who he is.

I am NOT mom or wife of the year.  But I do love my crazy family like crazy.

I'm feeling so good I might just unpack my suitcase from El Salvador. Tomorrow.

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