Sunday, December 30, 2012

Donovan is 4!

This happened. In case you were curious, I was not one of those adorable pregnant women.
I was enormous. And loved it.  What can I say, my babies got deluxe accomadations.
He is sweet.
He is healthy.
He is adorable
He thinks his dad is THE coolest. And he is.
He calls alligator and crocodiles a collective, "crockadator."
He loves hanging out with me, like at "Red Robin-hood."
Thinks its hilarious to wiggle his tushey. Randomly. And Often.
Tigger is his fave. Sleeps with him every night.
He is extremely talented. For instance, he can turn anything into a spaceship.
I have to say things to him like
"Stop licking the van!!!"
"Put the gutter down!!!! It is not a sword!"
And he says things to me like:
"Hey Mommy, look at my disgustines!"  (what he calls instestines/stomach)
"I love you.... corndog"
He uses the word mines, hims and yours completely wrong, and its adorable.
He can eat 4 fried eggs and then want additional food.

His hugs and kisses are so sweet and unsolicitated.
And he adores his big sisters, who make him crazy, who he makes crazy and then we are all... crazy.
Happy Birthday my sweet little man. I am wildly in love with you.

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