Friday, January 6, 2012

Letter to My Firstborn

Dear Isabella Berniece,
Your life forever changed Daddy and I.  Nine years ago today you patiently made your way into your im-patient mama's arms.  After 15 hours of waiting for you, me and daddy and Grandma Angela finally got to see your beautiful face.  A day I will never, ever forget. 

You unlocked the mother in me.  A mommy that is so in love with her children, a mommy who still has separation anxiety, a mommy who will hold tightly to the memories of you as a little infant, toddler and child.....

I'm so proud of the little girl you have become.  You are kind, compassionate, stubborn as a donkey, lovely, smart, funny, curious, and oh your glorious hair and huge eyes.  You are a loving daughter who thinks it is so fun to make Dad and I breakfast in bed.... at 6:30 am on Saturdays. 

You are emotional beyond description and flip out about socks, shoes, hair, how tight or loose your clothes are and your homework.  You are a caring and responsible big sister to 3 little ones.  You may just be my favorite for taking care of Donovan so early in the morning and letting Mommy sleep!

And oh the places you have been in your short 9 years!  NYC (twice),  Niagara Falls, Washington D.C (3 times)., Phoenix, Hawaii, Oregon, Iowa, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Florida (twice), Savannah, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, St. Louis, Connecticut, The Hamptons, Disney World, Cumberland Gap, Myrtle Beach....  I can't help but wonder about where you will go in the future. 

You are already raising money for the World Wildlife Fund and can't wait to go on missions trips with me.  You are going to be a world changer Isabella.  You love God with your whole heart, and if you remain in Him, He will remain in you my sweet Sugar Bear. 
Happy Birthday Angel.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you too Mari. As a Mom, those birthdays are wonderful reminders, good times to step back and remember and rejoice. Enjoy each one.