Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen

I would like to have been born in age when women my age still knit, sew, can, sing to Doris Day songs, and wear cute aprons to vacuum.  When women didn't dress their daughters in sweat pants that say "Juicy" on the heiny.  Yay feminism and the right to vote and being payed decent money and all..... but come on?  Where did the respect go?  And red lipstick and men being gentlemen.  Women having manners.  Men having manners.  Why is is acceptable for women to leave the house in their pajamas?  Generations of women fought for equality and respect.  So lets honor that, and respect ourselves.

I propose we teach our daughters to be strong, smart, independent women.  Women who can change the world.  Women who can lead the country and corporations.  Women who are nurturing and loving.  We should teach our daughters to serve God, and have courage.  Lots of courage.

 Daughters who don't settle for any man who treats them less than they deserve.   But while we are at it, lets also teach them to be genteel.  And compassionate.  And nurturing.  Lets raise daughters who don't swear like drunken sailors, or sober sailors for that matter.  Lets raise daughters who don't say crass things, or make fart or burp jokes.  Women who insist on having a man treat them like a lady.  And for pity's sake, teach your daughters to cook. 

Teach your sons to cook.  And do their laundry.  No one wants to do anyone elses' dirty laundry.  And no woman wants to be married to a mama's boy, or have a mama's boy as a son-in-law, so blast it all, love and snuggle and spoil your sons, but I beg of you, teach them to love and respect a woman.... like a queen.  Raise sons who are strong, and Godly, and confident.  And protectors. And brilliant, and courageous.   Sons who will be men of valor and protective.  Men who will cherish their wives.  CHERISH.  Because I have three daughters, and someday they are going to be looking for  good men, and darn it, I want one to actually exist.

*note- I am by no means saying that I am June Cleaver, the perfect lady, wife or mother.  I want to strive to be all the things I just mentioned above.  Its a goal.  A worthy goal.

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  1. Oh my friend Mari, I just had this exact same conversation with a mother at therapy today!

    It makes my heart so sad to see how girls (and boys) are raised to objectify themselves to the ways of the world and not taught to be kind and loving.

    And um, the little girls in the juicy or apple bottom pants (saw those today), I pray the Lord leads someone into their lives to teach them to respect themselves.