Monday, January 16, 2012

Can You Can?

I LOVE canning jars. I've seen them as vases, crayon holders, candle holders, baking cakes in them, lamps and many other things. But I rarely see them actually used for canning purposes. My grandmothers and aunts can vegetables and fruits, but I never have. I'm endevouring to change that. I want to make use of my buckets of tomatoes in the Summer and when the Ohio tundra months are upon me, what would be better than opening a jar of garden grown tomatoes for my soups and stews?? Or applesauce for my "The only fruit I will let past my tonsils is applesauce- daughter."

Here's where the problem lies.... I'm kind of serial library fine offender..... And there's this one librarian who I try desperately to avoid..... because oh if looks could kill and/or ban someone from the library forevermore, she would so do it to me. I'm convinced she lives there, because I always manage to wind up in her line. Every, stinkin' time. And I then have to pretend that there is something very wrong with the toes of my shoes, so as not to look her in the eyes.  She's probably starting to wonder what kind of woman returns books and cd's months late and has serious foot issues.

Solution- The internet. Its a beautiful thing. Lay it on me! All your canning tips. I want to hear them. Youtube links, I want to see them.

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  1. Honestly Mari, the best thing I can suggest...find someone local that can show you!!! My mom taught me to can from a young age and I love it. But it really is kinda one of those things best learned by doing with someone experienced. There are so many little tricks of the trade (so to speak) that its hard to remember them unless you are doing them. The best tools you can get though are these.
    Good big canner (usually black with white dots) that has a lid!
    A fork (if you dont want to touch the hot rings and seals)
    Good canning jars, no chips, cracks, etc.
    New seals (until you get better at opening your seals without damaging the red seal part).
    A good set of rings (never throw them away!!!!)
    lots of counter space!!!
    towels and a good hot washcloth
    lots of pantry/cupboard space for your fruits of labor.
    Also, a willingness to keep trying even if they don't all seal the first time!!!!

    Personally, I've never used a pressure cooker to can, so I can't give any hints there. But the best book you can get is the Ball canning book, all the details and directions for how much water and such. :) You can always call if you have questions!