Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Eat Whole Foods (on a budget)"

I like this week's task.  Its simple.  As it should be, since its by Simple Mom and all  :)  .... never mind.
Week 14 is about getting more natural foods into our meals, lunches, homes.
Feed the body properly and the mind and soul will come along for the happy ride.  While I'm not going to do all of her suggestions {like buy organic in the Winter months}, there are other things I can do.  Things I've been meaning to do for years.  You mean to do things next week, next month, next Summer.... and before you know it, you're going to turn 30 and still haven't done the things you wanted to 10 years ago. 

Small changes I can make:

1. Get some books from the library and learn to can.  Not to be confused with  can-can,  canning is not in my reportoire. We grow way more tomatoes every year than we can eat or give away.  I would love to find out how to can them, and then use them in my soups and pasta sauces in the Winter instead of buying canned.  I also want to try applesauce. and canned peaches  {Hey Alex, I'm going to need some more shelves babe}. 

2. Wash my produce better.  Use water and vinegar to get the pesticides off of what I'm putting into my children and self. 

3. Find and join a co-op.  I'm not very happy with the farmer's markets in my area and I don't have enough back yard to grow everything I want, so I'm going to try the co-op route. 

4. Implement more beans and quinoa into our meals instead of rice and pasta.  Kale.  We're going to start eating lots of Kale.

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