Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10: Giving Trees

Hello! I am Rebecca (Mari's sister) and today I am guest-blogging for Mari.

It is the holiday season now. The time where we worry about presents, food, family, etc. While you are listening to Christmas music (my personal favorite is Dean Martin's Baby It's Cold Outside), remember a lot of people even in our economic climate in the United States don't have gifts to give their children, maybe not even food.
Here is something you can do to help them. I invite each of you to search out locally for a giving tree. These trees will have tags on them with the name of a child and something they want for Christmas. It could be a pair of shoes or a toy, but it is something they wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to unwrap. Most public schools have giving trees. Call and check. Put a smile on a child's face this year.

If you can't find a local giving tree, help out Reece's Rainbow. They advocate and assist orphaned children affected by Downs Syndrome.

"In only five years, your donations have made it possible for more than 500+ children with Down syndrome and other special needs to find their "forever families".  That is PROOF that your gifts truly are saving lives and changing hearts around the world."

Click on the ornament below to donate and help these beautiful children find a family! Donate $35 or more and you will receive an ornament with the photo of the child you helped.

Grab This!

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