Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9- News Worthy News

Bill Keane, the creator of comic stip "Family Circus"  has died.  I'm actually really sad about this.  The memory of sitting down on Sundays next to my dad to read the comics is so finely ingrained in me.  I can still smell his Pert Plus scented hair, and hear his chuckle as he read next to me and pointed out the really funny ones that he didn't want me to miss.  And when they were just so funny that he needed to share them with everyone he would call to my mom, "Ang, you gotta read this, this is just like our family!"  Then I would go and get the scissors and after we had finished all of the Funnies, I would cut his favorites out and put them on the fridge for the week.  So whenever he went to the fridge, Dad would get a big smile on his face.  Our favorite was "Family Circus."  It was all about a family that loved each other very much, and kids that got into mischief but were still tucked into bed by both their parents every night.  Time goes by, things change, I miss our "Family Circus."  Thank you Mr. Keane for illustrating family life, and bringing it to us for so long.  Even when we grow up, leave home and start our own circuses, the precious memories remain.  And sometimes that's all that remains, so they become all the more sacred.

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