Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make Christmas Count

Jesus came to earth to be fully Man.  And remained fully God.  He came as a baby.  A gift as a baby, to the world.  Babies are gifts.  A topic on which I could go on, and on about.  Another day. 
So what better way to honor that gift, and the real and only reason for celebrating Christmas, than to help a child.  Over at Life Rearranged, Jeannett Gibson gets it.  And she uses her extensive network to do great things.
Meet Xander.  He's so sweet!

He's in an orphanage, in Eastern Europe.  He will likely not get new Christmas p.j.'s, or open a Christmas stocking, or suck on a candy cane and have all the sticky goodness drip down his chin. He doesn't have a mommy or daddy to tuck him in at night, or wrestle, tickle or play with. I love what Jeannett wrote about Xander, its exactly what is in my heart and the reason I began an Orphan Ministry at my church:

"Once when Henry was a bitty baby, I found myself in his nursery in the wee hours of the morning consoling his whimpering and kissing his feverish little forehead. I remember thinking: of all the people in the entire world, I’m the only one who can make him feel even remotely happy. All he wants is his mama. No one else will do.
And suddenly, out of the blue, in the glow of a new mom’s overwhelming love for her first baby, I was crushed at the thought of the orphan crisis.
How, if my life were different…if one of millions of things weren’t exactly the same as they are now…
I was devastated at the thought of a feverish and sick child whimpering in a crib alone.
No mama to stay up and whisper sweet nothings and coo in his ear.
No daddy to chase him around the house and throw him high into the air for no reason but to elicit squeals of delight.
No cherry flavored Tylenol and cool washcloths for his head."

Xander wants a Mommy and Daddy for Christmas.  You might be those people.  But if you aren't, you can help him get to his home.  You can give toward his rescue.  Even $1.  Because $1, from a lot of people, makes a lot of money.  And yes, there is a giveaway connected to this fundraiser.  But I like to think of it more of a thank you.  Someone will get a nice thank you gift, for helping Xander have the most basic of human needs, a family.  Barn Light Electric is going to match the first $1000! So go to Life Rearranged and give.  Give and then spread the word.  Because a friend of a friend of a friend might be the perfect fit to bring that sweet boy home and give him a life that he truly deserves.


  1. you rock.

    thank you for helping!!! :)

  2. I love you, Mari! You make me smile with how big your heart is =)