Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Not Asking You For Money

Picture with me if you will, an 11 year old child you know.  For me that means a little girl that is taller than me, {I'm 5'3"} she is on her way into 5th grade, full of life, smiles, music... you get the idea.

But in another part of the world.  In an undisclosed orphanage, is this 11 year old.  Yes.  I said ELEVEN!

She is 10 pounds.  There are many babies born in country, straight from their mother's womb at 10 pounds.  But for this little girl, an extra chromosone sentenced her to a life in a metal crib with little to no human contact and a baby bottle. 
I'M NOT ASKING YOU FOR MONEY. They funds have been raised to rescue her.  SHE NEEDS A FAMILY TO LOVE HER BACK INTO EXISTENCE.  SHE NEEDS IMMEDIATE PRAYER.  If you want to give to her fund, do it.  I'm certain her new family is going to have a ton of medical bills ahead.  But this girl, not a baby, needs to be rescued.  Yesterday. 
I'm mad.
I'm mad that human beings would let this happen to a child. This whole situation is disgusting.  That is a little girl.  An eleven year old little girl.
Click over here to No Greater Joy Mom and donate to her rescue {you can also win something, but who cares, a life is at stake, that should be enough}. 
Bad things happen because good people don't do anything.

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