Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Did That Get In There??

We moms have weird stuff in our purses.  One time... I even had a poopy diaper. I'm not proud of that.  But I was at someone's house for the first time, and I really didn't want to put something so disgusting in this virtual stranger's trash, so somehow my purse seemed like a better option....not one of my finer moments.  A lot of times we carry around all the necessities, things we need.  Things we haven't needed in years.  Things we might need in case of an asteroid hitting our mini-van while we are on the merry-go-round with our kids.  We carry things for our husbands.  We carry things to occupy the kids in waiting rooms and check out lines.  We carry things for our baby.  We carry things that would make Bear Grylls shout for joy if he was stranded and came upon our purses.  {As if we would accidentally abandon our super cute purse, Ha!}  So why, if we are so prepared for every incidence, do we never have a stick of gum {even though we have the empty foil pouch that holds the gum} or a quarter?

So, what's in your purse?

I'll go first, since it was my idea and all:
*One Fisher Price hammer
*Expired antibiotics with one pill left
*Chia seeds in a ziploc
*School supply list
*About 20 grocery lists
*Victoria's secret lip gloss.  Not mine and I don't know where it came from.  I really want to use it, but like I said.... don't know where it came from.  I keep it in there in case some day I'm not a germ-a-phobe anymore.  I just can't seem to throw out perfectly good lip gloss.  It would be a waste.  But I also can't wear it..... cuz.... don't know who's lips it was on last or where those lips have been before touching the lip gloss.
*Cute 31 zipper pouch that I love!
*1 marble
*1 contact case--Its been about a year since I've taken my contacts out... so I don't know why that's in there.  Plus I'm totally blind without them in, so its not like I would get to a location and think that I would really need to have the option to remove my only source of vision.  Seriously people, I might as well be that guy in Star Trek with the visor-y thing.
*1 sapphire earring that belongs to my mom.... who lives several states away.  Another mystery.
1 wallet
1 set of van keys with every pharmacy card known to man.  Which is weird, because we hardly ever go to the doctor.
One coconut flavored dum-dum
1 tube of diaper cream.... even though I no longer have a baby in diapers....
And last but not least, 1 train that I keep in there for really desperate situations.

{I didn't pull it all out, because I just really didn't want to put it all back, or be guilted into putting the stuff where it belongs}

The funny thing is that, almost every time I am searching through my purse to find, basically only my wallet, keys or cell phone.... I say to myself "How did that get in there???"  Or, "I should really clean that thing out."
And I'm guessing that every single one of my purses has equally weird contents, because when I switch purses I only take my wallet, phone, chap-stick and keys.  What's in your purse?!


  1. I think that's MY lip gloss! Feel free to use it :) I am pretty sure I gave it to you the last time you were here and you don't remember because you were super sick when you left. I was giving you mints, water bottles and lip gloss...all necessities when you are throwing up and heading out for a 12 hour drive back home. :)

  2. Let's see...I have:
    - 1 waterbottle
    - 1 makeup bag, because I'm just too lazy to get up before work to put it on, so I just use my first break to put makeup on
    - 1 giant bottle of Tylenol
    - about 20 hairties
    -Mango scented Bert's Bees lipgloss
    -probably 5 pens
    -VS Love Spell lotion and body spray
    -an Ice Breakers container with 1 left
    -2 different kinds of nail clippers...because Austin ALWAYS has a clipping emergency
    -about 10 hairpins
    -headset for work
    -movie tickets for every movie I've been to for the last 6 years
    -my wallet with various receipts and TONS of cards...
    -UNO deck of cards
    -a book

  3. This is funny!!! Jacob is always commenting on my "pit of no return". :)

    For me I have:
    ~ a set of keys with keys that I have no idea what they are for (we keep the car key in the car and we have no house keys)
    ~ container of misc pain killers
    ~ pens
    ~ two lip glosses
    ~ old shopping lists and coupons
    ~ wallet
    ~ at least 4 cars (one for each big kid whenever we are at some place that I need them quiet and occupied)
    ~ occassionally a diaper and container of diaper wipes
    ~ wallet sized picture holder...with no current pics :)
    ~ a mini spiral notebook (for all those moments you look for a piece of paper but never remember you have a bunch in your purse)
    ~ cell phone (that only has service when I am actually away from the house)

    That's all that I can think of off the top of my head...scary to actually find out what might be in there. :)