Sunday, June 5, 2011

14 Days to El Salvador

I couldn't stop thinking today about the vast difference between my feelings one year ago as I was heading to El Salvador, and the calm that is over me now, as I am looking at my two week mark.

Last year I was petrified.  I'd never left the country, my safety net, or my husband and childrens' side. 

This year, I know who I am going to see.  What I will be doing.  Where I'm going. 

There is no fear of the unknown.  I was certainly excited last year, but this year it is quadrupled.  I'm returning to a place where I felt the Holy Spirit in the wind, the torrential rain, the music, and heard his voice as I stared into the faces of the children.  Those dark brown eyes that stared back into my blue ones and stole my heart.  Children that can play with a simple balloon for hours without their excitement waning one bit.  Some had shoes.  Some didn't.  Some got to eat that day.  Some did not.  I get to take them into my arms soon and hug each and every one.

Yes. I cannot wait to get back.  To embrace my dear, beautiful friends that I have missed for the last year.  But I also can't wait to see what God does in me this year.  If you read back about my trip last year, you will find a very different woman that changed completely.

I'm still working out the kinks.  Looking for a waterproof suitcase! Planning another early Father's Day and Birthday for my husband.  Soaking up as much of my 4 loves as I can.  Today though, I realized that I need to be spending a lot more time in prayer.  Praying that God will be able to use me for something small, big.... doesn't matter.  I just want to be used.  I'm going to yearn for my children, my husband, and my plumbing.  But oh my goodness!  What an adventure.  :)

Please follow me as I try to do a good work, and bring awareness to the need {of a most beautiful people} for Jesus and food.  But mostly Jesus. 

June 18th is the big day!

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