Wednesday, June 8, 2011

He Caught Me

Today is the day.
Nine years we have been married.
If you read my  "Its a Love Story" series, you will not be able to miss the fact that Alex knew from the moment we met that I would be his. 
Or that he had to convince me of that.
Or that he had to catch me because I was running away.
There has never been a woman so happy to be caught as I.
And the beauty of it is that, now, I can't imagine ever being away from him.
And that he continues to catch me. Not because I'm running, but because he catches me when I'm falling.  When I'm hurting.  When I'm laughing.  When I falter. 
For nine years he has walked beside me (except for the years I was pregnant and needed him to push and/or pull me up the stairs to get to bed), not my superior, or dictator, or boss. My counterpart.
The one God made for me to have.
And it certainly doesn't hurt that he still buys me roses {which apparently he went through quite an ordeal to get today, but I don't know the details yet}!

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