Monday, March 14, 2011

When the F Word is Funny

Dear Donovan,
*I find it fascinating every day how different boys are from girls.  You are certainly nothing like your sisters.  The idea that you would be completely different and unique from your sisters used to terrify me, but now I realize that it is a new adventure.
*You love choo choos.  The first thing you ask for in the morning is to watch "choo choo show" while you eat your breakfast.  And oh my, if a choo choo is paired with a "neigh" you are in little boy heaven!
*You have ZERO patience.  When you want something, you want it now and will repeat your request like a broken record until you win.
*You could have been the model for the "Family Guy" clip of  Stewie repeating the word "mom."
*You are now 2 years old and say truck in a way that I can't spell out here and someday I'll tell you that it is a naughty word, but for right now, it is pretty darn funny. {It starts with an "f" and ends in "ck," and for some reason this is also the word you use for "rocking" in the rocking chair..... really inappropriate}

*Never have I seen such opinion in such a tiny little body. Who knew that a 2 year old could get so furious about having his picture taken.

"No Mom. No Pishur."

I was unaware before you came into my life that having someone scream at me and be absolutely furious with me.... could make me laugh so hard that I struggle not to drop the camera in the snow.

*You love to dump buckets of toys on the ground, and have to be physically removed from standing in the fridge
*Say the word "eww" with these little pursed lips and such feeling that I really believe whatever it is,  really is disgusting
*I completely melt when you say "tanks Mom" (thanks) because you say it in such a way that makes me feel like your lunch might as well have been the moon.
*I love how you shorten words and/or changes their names entirely! 
Balloon = loon
Layla = La
Izzy = Cici
Addison = Ads
Horse = Neigh
I love you = Lub woo

*This weekend we went as an entire family to get your hair cut. All of your sisters and I stood there, obnoxiously surrounding the poor Master Cuts stylist, oohing and aahing at how super cute you are.  I personally called you handsome at least 15 times, said you are the cutest baby on the planet 3 or 5 or 20 times, may have even forced the stylist to admit that this must be the cutest little boy she has ever seen... Needless to say, we all think that you are utterly fantastic.

And Donovan, most importantly, I lub woo too.

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  1. That is so cute. Those pictures completely crack me up!