Monday, March 14, 2011

Its a Love Story

It is a well known fact that I am madly in love with my husband. He's dreamy.  I tend to tell anyone around a long string of fabulous adjectives that describe him.  Not to brag.  No, I do it because I can't help it.  Its like finding a truly wondorous new shampoo that changes your life.  You don't keep that to yourself!  You tell the world. You know, except that he's not shampoo and I'm NOT sharing him.  You get the idea though.  Its happy news. 
I write this in the hope that it will give someone hope.  I don't believe that I got the ONLY dream man in the world.  There are others out there.  I write this in the hope that someone will find that Love is real.  It is attainable.  It is possible.  Love that doesn't hurt.  Real, God given LOVE.
Alex is goodness. 
He is full of integrity (He doesn't like it when I describe him that way,  it is just who he is, not something that he attempts). 
He truly thinks I am beautiful.
He WORKS for his family.  Dude pours every ounce of {substantial} intelligence into his job to provide for his family.
Makes dinner without thought, hesitation, long suffering sigh, complaint or pointed glances at me, if he arrives home to find me sick or tired, or with a migraine.

So anyway.  If ya'll can bare with an overdose of  puppies and rainbows and happiness with me, I'll do a few posts on our love story.

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