Thursday, December 9, 2010

Would You Go With Me

I am well aware that I go on and on about my husband.  I did it when I left him for a week in El Salvador and drove everyone crazy.  I did it last weekend when I was chaperoning a group of teens from church on a retreat.  I do it with my family.  I go on and on.  But here's the thing.... it's all true.  He works his butt ass off at his job for us {I apologize for the curse, but sometimes it just fits so much better}.  He is incredibly handsome.  Sure he has annoying quirks.  Who doesn't?  But just recently he tried to alleviate one of my pet peeves/quirks by crunching on his apple across the room.  I'm not kidding.  Instead of annoying me {I may have an unreasonable aversion to crunching} he went across the room without being asked!  That's how awesome he is.  And since I go on and on about him, I thought that  little tidbit would be new and fresh!  So, point being, here's my new favorite song that makes me all gooey and lovey over my gorgeous, God loving, hard working,  awesome father, husband-who crunches away from me.


1 comment:

  1. I think it is refreshing to hear positive things about a person's spouse in this world where it is somehow hip to bash the person you vowed to love for all time. I'd rather respect and cherish my spouse (for all that I'm an atheist) than continually talk smack about him behind his back.

    So, in short, go on with your praise. I'll support you. :)