Friday, December 3, 2010

Finding Joy Amidst the Crazies

I'm going a little crazy. Strung out with college.  Strung out with kids' activities.  Strung out with Christmas planning and prep. Strung out about 3 of my 4 kids having birthdays in a two week radius around Christmas. (not planned, March is just very fertile for me).  Strung out about throwing a chaperoning trip for my church youth group into the mix this weekend.
And since my husband is going to read this I need to say, " Babe, I know I'm supposed to be doing homework right now and nothing else.  I'll make this quick.  Love you."
But I wanted needed to find some joy today, real quick.  Before I dive back into the crazies.  After all, this month is not about the crazy stress, or hurts or planning or shopping.  It is about love, the gift of a Saviour, pure joy.  So here is my joy today.
1. Isabella and the way she loves her baby sister and brother

2. Capturing a MOMENT in time between my two little ones, with the added bonus of Donovan putting his hat on with his moose pajamas!

3. Now, I realize that I am a lousy photography, but pay special attention to the looks on the girls faces on the right.  I told them to smile and this is what they came up with.  My joy!

4. Joy is this sweet face

5. Isabella and her handprint turkey with a tree and a barn

6. Joy when Layla snags my camera and captures a moment between me and my oldest

7. "Meeeeesssseeeee" (cheese)

8. Cranberries give me joy.  Taste, smell, everything.
I hope you find a lot of joy in your day!


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