Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pepsi Refresh for Elyria Ohio- Please Help!

****Edit- Anyone in the world can vote, not just people from Elyria****

This is a call to help. I live in a city that is desperately in need of hope. It is in need of inspiration and help. Like many cities across America, we have been hit hard by unemployment, taxes, foreclosures..... it goes on and on. We have falling down buildings, houses and spirits.
But there is a chance! A gleam of hope! Pepsi has a program each month where they award $25,000 to ten great civic ideas out of thousands of submissions. My husband Alex is organizing this event for our city.

Here's the gist: A vegetable garden for 1,000 low income families! Using a product that requires no digging, by Filtrexx Int. they will be able to install 'raised bed' vegetable gardens and help teach the importance of nutrition and organic growing to thousands of people!

What you can do:
1. Text the number 104402 to 73774
*standard text message rates apply

2. Go to this Pepsi Refresh website to read all the specifics on this amazing idea and vote

3. Vote through your Face Book. Here are the steps:
        1) Search for Pepsi and "Like" it
        2) Look up our project, search term Filtrexx Foundation (my husband's company and applicant)
        3)Click "vote for this"
4. Share my page with your friends.  The more votes the better

5. Get my widget on the sidebar

6. At the end of the month I will have an exciting giveaway for anyone who votes.  How will I know? 
*** Each day you vote, leave me a comment on this blog post.  If you vote everyday, you will have 31 entries.
*** You will also receive an entry for following this blog and staying up to date on the project

 Your votes will provide good, nutritious food to those who cannot! Please use all three methods once a day for the next month!

1 comment:

  1. I voted and will certainly keep voting!

    Thank you Mari and Alex for what your doing for our community!