Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sticky love, Healing Love, Rescue Love

I'm overcome.  There are things going on with people I love.  LOVE deeply. I'm so overwhelmed.  At the same time in my life that there is pain, I'm also becoming reminded, and learning about great acts of love happening elsewhere.  And it is only by focusing my thoughts there that I will make it through.  Because let's face it. There are times in life when things just don't go as you expect.  Expectations aren't met.  Hearts get broken.  People get sick and hurt.  Injustices happen close to home and far away.  But there are some constant loves that I'm trying to focus on.  Until I see the sunshine peak through the clouds. 

1.  Healing Love- By the creator of love himself.  The God who has the power to heal sickness and hearts alike.  Who willingly died to save us from EVERY horrible thing we do.  The God who is like a parent, sitting by the phone waiting for our call (and picking it up every once in a while to check the dial tone).  Because He knows he has the answer, but He can't give it to us until we make the phone call ourselves. 

2. Sticky Love- My children.  No matter how badly I am hurting for the lives of those I love, I can turn to my innocent, carefree children.  I am beyond blessed with healthy, happy children.  Who don't yearn for someone to love them, because they already have it.  They don't sit alone, hungry, longing for touch of a mommy and daddy.  They have hugs and kisses and tickles in abundance.  Hugs and kisses that I can't resist even when they may be chocolaty, sticky, boogery, or slobbery.  I'll take it.

3. Rescue Love- this is actually a double parter

My husband is daily rescuing me. Alex has been to hell and back in his life. But he rescues me.  He kept me from sinking when our first son died years ago and for the last few days when even breathing hurts, I feel his hand in mine. And he rescues me. I can't put into words who he is to me. But turn on your computer's volume and you will hear a song that says clearly what our love is. "Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice.

 Rescue Love #2-  A helpless, hopeless, sick, doomed little girl is about to be rescued in the Ukraine. Her tale is one of wonder and miracle. She is being rescued from a certain death sentence by leaving an orphange to a mental instituition. Read about it here. Like today. I mean it. And now, mercifully she is no longer unloved, helpless, hopeless or doomed!  She will finally know the love in a mom's embrace.
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