Monday, October 18, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure can be found many places other than a deserted island in a cavern under a giant X.  I found hidden treasure in Ohio: Alex. Which led to many beautiful children.  {Can I please have some more Babe??? One more of my own and one I want to adopt??  6 Ain't no thang.  Really.}

Hidden Treasure can be found under a pile of Autumn leaves.  {Why don't more people say Autumn instead of Fall, its so much fancier?}

But especially, Hidden Treasure can be found on the internet! Yep, I'll cop to it.  And for crafty-inept people like me, when you find you treasure, you share it. So guess what??  The very talented Lori of Jewlori has created some new wonders.  That I am fully going to order, because I love me a good hat.  My sister says I look good in them.  So this Autumn I am embracing a new style.  Hats and scarves.  You HAVE to check out her new shop here:  Melon and Pebble
The Curious Fox Beanie - Newborn - 10 years   See.  I wasn't kidding.  Awesome stuff.  I will be ordering this for a certain baby of a certain friend that isn't quite born yet.  Are you wondering if it's you???

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  1. I must, yes I say must, order that hat for Gabe. Hoping its not over $25 because that is my winter hat max for Gabe. Although I'm sure exceptions can be made :) Thanks for the find!