Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It Brings Me Back...

So this time of year is full of all kinds of wonderful scents. Pumpkin, sugar cookie, vanilla, cranberry, gingerbread and the list goes on. The big one left off the list? Pine. Every time I catch a whiff in a store, or a friend's house the smell of pine brings me to a wonderfully nostalgic place. You see, long ago, longer than I would care to say my family moved to the midwest. But my great grandparents would send us a little piece of Oregon every Christmas. They would mail us an Oregon pine wreath! Oooh la la la, there are few things that smell better :) So when I smell pine I think of my amazing grandparents who now get to celebrate Christmas in Heaven together!! Can you imagine the wonder of that?!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Mari, yum! I know what you mean - smells like that bring me back too!!! I can imagine that piece of mail is one of the most anticipated packages of the year!!