Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a week in the life...

In case you were curious and so I can remember the good ol' days someday in the future....
*Getting up early to go to the 9 am service at church so that Isabella can participate in Kids Praise for the Christmas program.
*This involves Alex getting breakfast for everyone while I get the clothes and then do three little girls heads of hair. Then doing mine if if there is time... there usually isn't. Followed by a mad dash to get out the door, making bottles, checking diaper bag, answering many calls of "mom where is my ____?"
*Drop 3 girls at Sunday School, make sure we are stocked with snacks and quiet toys for Donovan because he is TERRIFIED of strangers and will NOT be put in the nursery. He clings like a little monkey with a super tight grip and buries his head in my neck from the moment we walk through the door of the church.
*Sunday football of course, poor Alex and his Browns... its always a sad day for him.
*Relaxing, playing and more playing

*Dragging myself out of bed to make 4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, check back-packs, coats, hats and shoes for all
*Daily activities of a mom and wife and housekeeper,college student and accountant
*Homework with the two older girls
*Quick dinner then out the door for studying at the college library

*same morning as Monday
*same day
*Bible study in evening

*same morning
*story time at the public library
*squeeze in some studying
*Take girls to church and try to get reading done for school

*Same as Monday

*While some might plan dates and go on them because there are doting grandparents nearby to willingly spend time with their grandkids, that is not the case for us. My kids have doting grandparents, but they live 3000 miles away. They dote over the phone. So our Friday nights involve family activities, sometimes we have movie theatre night, sometimes we order Chinese (which our kids LOVE), and sometimes we just try and get them in bed early to spend some quiet time together. Luckily last Sunday we met a nice girl at church who is going to start babysitting for us for an occasional date!

*Sleep in- hahahaha I can't even write that without laughing! There is no sleeping in, we get up early and get two adorable little ballerinas (soon to be 3 ballerinas) ready for dance class and then the whole family goes to watch because neither Alex or I want to miss the cuteness.
*Grocery shopping
*Playing, cleaning and being together

And through the week I try to remember that although it is hard right now, it is also a fantastic period in my life that is going WAY too fast. I have to try not to let the little moments slip by, teach my children to love Jesus the best I can and show them what it means to live my life in a pleasing manner to Him, and smile even when I want to cry. Because these moments are fleeting, someday they are not going to want me to sing to them at night, or snuggle on the couch, or think that I am the most fun reader. So my house may be filled with messy clutter, but I did hug my girls and made sure they know how much I love them as they ran off to school this morning.


  1. Love the week and the way you spend it. I especially love the last paragraph because the time is fleeting. I'd love to be back there again hugging them all over again, reading Winnie the Pooh and hearing them laugh. Hold onto whatever you can Mari.

  2. Mari you have your head on straight girl. Your days are surely quite busy but "there will be a day" when your house is empty and you'll fix supper for just you and Alex and you'll wish your kids lived close and your grandbabies would come visit often. So cherish these moments.

  3. Hey Mari - cherish it ALL!!! They are already growing up so fast, and I miss the baby stage already. It sounds to me like it might be busy, but you have a pretty perfect life!