Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why We Go

The missions trip that Alex and I will be leading again to La Libertad is fast approaching.  I thought I would take a moment to share why we continue to go back. In a list form, because I really love lists.

1. God has laid El Salvador on our hearts for the past 4 years. It is no coincidence that the name of the church we partner with is called The Great Commission!

2. They are quiet, and don't get a lot of notice from people, but the affect they have had on us is enormous. They are hard working, fisherman and tradespeople.  It is a hard life.  And they are thankful.

3. Pastor Ivo's heart for his community is a so huge. It takes a very special man to love God so much that he would pastor in such extreme conditions.  He pastors a church, that he knows can barely feed themselves, let alone give back. I have had the great pleasure of watching him take an orphaned child into his arms, and hold her as his own. His eyes shine with the love of God.

4. To go and serve people, who in American eyes have nothing, is an experience I cannot bring words to. The warmth and friendship they offer cannot be matched.  I come away every time humbled and repentant of my own mindset. Jesus is everything. Everything.  I'm not going to stand before my Lord and say someday "But Father, did you not see the new line of dishes at Target?" (At least I hope not)

5. Spending a week with children who are continually trolled by gangs. Children. Being asked to be drug runners.

6. Giving a pair of flip-flops to a child who has NO shoes. The smile on their faces and the tears in his/her parent's eyes..... Oh my heart.  My heart cannot fathom not being able to stop the hunger pains in my child's belly, or protect their feet....
7. The children at the church's nutrition center. Our missions department sponsors 20 children (much like Compassion Int.)  and to watch them grow year after year, is such a statement about the glory of God. We want to get that number up to 40 people!! Lets wrap around Pastor Ivo and commit to 40 children who would not otherwise eat. Please contact me or Missions Director Don Denevic at tel:(440)323-4644.

8. We will be returning to the orphanage that we started building a relationship with last year.  We will whisper love into those babies.  Hold the hands of the children.  We will do our very best to love them for a day, but share a deeper love with them that will last far longer than our short visit.
The outdoor kitchen where the daily tortillas are cooked
If you would like us to go on your behalf, be the hands and feet, a representation of Jesus Christ, please use this secure PayPal link.
We would be honored by any size gift. Thank you so much! It means the world to us. Or if you would like to make a donation of flip flops, coloring books, etc. for the children please email me at

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