Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bucket List: 2. Bonjovi Concert

Warning, I'm about to rant about first world problems, ie: Missing Bonjovi. Again.

In our house we have 2 rules about loud music. 
1. Turn it down the volume when we say turn it down. First time.  This is essential with 4 kids. 4 kids with varying musical skill, instruments and tone deaf-ness.  Essential.

2. From a very young age this one is ingrained into their delicate little psyches.  Ask my four year old son he will, without hesitation, recite the creed.   "We don't turn down Bonjovi."

*Say we're in the car, and someone is in a grumpy mood.... "We don't turn down Bonjovi."
*Say a certain little girl wants to listen to Taylor Swift instead for instance, "We don't turn down Bonjovi." 
*Perhaps one of 4 said children would like to know what we are having for dinner and we can't hear their question over the music.... "We don't turn down Bonjovi."

Why this band?  Well his music has become a bit of anthem for our family.  Music was so much a part of my life growing up.  With one song I am transported back into our blue Chevy station wagon running errands with my dad, and him belting out (in falsetto) "Sherry, Sherry ba-a-by, Sherry!" Or "Help me Rhonda" or Unchained Melody.... or any number of Golden Oldies songs.  

But when I dated Alex.... and {ahem} he played his guitar for me..... to Bonjovi, and then he would look at me as he sang the lyrics with big huge googly eyes and then I would blush. A lot.... enough said. Did I ever tell you how we got married after only knowing each other for 2 years???

To get to the rant part of the evening, the first time I had an opportunity to go to one of their concerts was when I was 9 months pregnant. With the flu. Someone offered Alex free tickets for that evening's concert.  FREE people.  They were free!!!  And my compassionate husband, knowing I was home puking and ready to pop our first baby out, TURNED. THEM. DOWN.  He's compassionate all right, but not enough to realize he should never have told me we had a chance at the concert.  I would have brought a bowl. And given birth to "Living on a Prayer."  

The second time was just last February.  Alex was scheduled to be in San Diego meeting with the mayor about helping the low income families of the city and what-not.  Doing Family Garden Init. stuff.  Loving God, helping people eat.... I think he should have explained to the good mayor that he needed to reschedule.  I thought about going with my 4 kids in tow, since I didn't have a babysitter.  However, I was a little concerned about the looks I would get walking into the concert late at night with 4 kids under the age of 10. So I stayed home.  URGH!

Now, just this afternoon, my good friend Bonnie informs me that he will be back in town.  In Brown's Stadium no less!  This concert will be awesome!  But will I be going? No I will not.  Its the day after we leave for El Salvador with our missions team.  Which of course is a better place to be.  Of course.  But seriously!  My timing is horrendous, and I'm beginning to think Bonjovi will never ever make it off my bucket list.

Like I said. First world problems rant.  Because I'm mad about missing this concert again.  And because "its my life. Its now or Never. I'm not gonna Live for ever."

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