Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Very Strange Summer and Sneaky Librarians

This little blog of mine has been quite neglected.  There are several good reasons, I promise.  And each one deserves a post of its own.  I need to write it all down, for posterity's sake, and also because I'm getting old and will forget it all.
There have been monumental events {10th Wedding Anniversary}
missions trip
dance recitals
mini vacation to Nashville
Summer break for my big girls
Impending Kindergarten for my little girl {emotional breakdown for mommy},
kids spent a week with my sister and brother in law
Orphan/Adoption Ministry planning and meetings
Re-dislocation of Alex's shoulder and subsequent plans for his major shoulder surgery in 2 weeks

And to top it all off, the library says I have 3 books lost that I KNOW I returned.  I know this. Its a conspiracy.  Just when I turned over a new leaf and started returning and/or renewing books on time.... I swear they seem all innocent and librarian-ish, when really they are trying to swindle me for all I'm worth.  They took one look at me, decided I'm a big ol' pushover, {I am} and are using me as their game piece to keep their library funded and open.  They probably have a picture of me up behind the counters of every library in the city that reads "Place a few more fines and lost books on her account, she won't make a fuss!"  Ha! I will prove them wrong.  They can take "Wormy Worm," "Goosey Goose," and "Lamby Lamb" and.... well, never mind.  The really funny thing is that I hated those books.  I couldn't wait to get them out of my house fast enough.  They were the choices of a 3 year old little boy,  (who wanted the dumbest books ever published, with terrible illustrations) read to him approximately 5,643 times.  So when I say I returned those books, I did.  I so did. I will not be your pawn. No sir.

But there is only 3 days left of Summer vacation, 3 days until I have to relinquish my daughters for 7 hours a day.  So I'll tell you all about it soon! Until then, a picure for you :)

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