Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Birthday and Summit VIII

There is just too much of Summit 8 for me to process at the moment.  So y'all will have to wait until tomorrow.  I will tell you that I met amazing people.  Heard amazing speakers.  Attended amazing workshops.  The Christian Allliance for Orphans Summit is a must for every believer and non.  So, until I can properly put what God did into words, I will wait.  I ran off my plane, into my family's arms, and  home to make cupcakes for a certain little girl's 8th birthday party the next morning.  So much more to come on our camping themed party and Summit.  I will leave you with a morsel of both!

That's me and Adeye Salem.... I know!!!  She is just as lovely and genuine in real life as she is on her blog.  I seriously got to eat dinner with her, discuss orphan/adoption care, and sit with her for the Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  Not only that, but she was gracious enough to give me, {who wasn't bright enough to rent a car} a ride back to my hotel.  And now, I call her friend :)

We are very blessed in that at Alex's office there is acreage with a huge canvas tipi, woods and an old tractor to pull a wagon full of little girls for a camping themed birthday!  More on that later too.

The Lord is moving in big ways for the fatherless and I can't wait to tell you all about it.  It will likely be in several posts, a series if you will, for your enjoyment.  Also so that my befuddled mind doesn't lose track of it all!
So bookmark, follow, subscribe, etch-a-sketch, write it on your hand....whatever you need to do, to remember to come back and read about the resonating message of the week.  "There is no salvation without adoption....." STAY TUNED  :)

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