Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I was awoken to my family bringing me breakfast in bed.  Now, this isn't all that unusual {Izzy loves to do it}, the unusual thing was that Alex was with them.  Normally he is gone long gone hours before I wake up.  So when he came in with the kids, my favorite eggs and hot coffee, this was our exchange:

Me- I'm so surprised to see you at breakfast time!
Alex- That was the plan.  Set the bar so low in our marriage so that I can mildly exceed your expectations with minimal effort!
Me- Well played sir.

****note to readers****
My  husband goes above and beyond in every way.  Every day.  And not just for me.  When the girls went downstairs in the morning they were so surprised to find that Daddy got them flowers too.  Each bouquet of daisies picked specifically to the tastes of each girl.  :)  He's a keeper.

Which brings me to why I make such a fuss about Valentine's Day.  Should we show our love every day?  Certainly.  Look at the title of this little spot in blog world, its "Love Like Crazy."  And we do.  So when there is a whole day devoted to the idea of love, we grab hold of it and squeeze every bit of mushy-gushy out of it that we can.  I'm all about passing on traditions that were passed to my mom, from my grandmother, and on down to my children.  A legacy of love is one worth teaching. 

Here's a look at this year's celebration!
My breakfast tray

Heart wreath (inspired by pinterest)

Little touches. 

Candles from our wedding ceremony.... 10 years ago.

Love Potion

Me and my Valentine on our 12th Valentine's Day

From my family to yours, Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. This just warms my heart Mari! And isn't it lovely to have husbands that go above and beyond what they need to do?!!?