Thursday, December 22, 2011

She walks in beauty...

"She walks in beauty".... and joy, and love, and peace, and sweetness..... and she doesn't know any other way to be.  My littlest daughter turned 5 a few days ago.  She is untouched by the darkness, and evil of the world.  She is just pureness.  As hard as I try to keep her little, and deny that she is in fact growing up, Addison had another birthday.
This little girl came in to our lives when we were desperate for a happy ending.  And honestly, she is the happiest, most compassionate child I have ever met.  All five of us are desperately in love with her, even Donovan.  Happy 5th Birthday Love.

I love you.  Thank you for being mine.  You will never know how you rescued me just by being you.


  1. Lovely post about that sweet little girl of yours. Addison is the definition of beauty inside and out. XO

  2. oh my goodness you almost made me cry! My second turned 5 in september. For me 5 seems to be the age between toddlerhood and childhood.. It is so hard for me! anyway happy birthday to your beautiful daughter