Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School....

....279 more days until I get my girls back for the Summer!
I'm very excited for all the things they are going to learn this year.  But I miss them.  And I plan on enjoying every moment of this year, because next year brings sending my third little girl off to school.  {cue waterworks}

Alex and I cooked them breakfast, sat together and even got to pray with them for their day.
Then while they were getting their shoes on, I snuck a card into their lunch boxes.

Then we walked together to school, me smiling, Izzy gripping my hand tighter and tighter the closer we got and Layla chattering away to her Daddy.  Typical.

 Izzy and I.... well, she's absolutely my child personality wise.  She quietly whispered to me that her tummy was starting to hurt as she looked up at me with her huge beautiful eyes.  I love that she can talk to me and tell me how she's feeling.  I love that she trusts me and know I'm going to hug her and be by her side, holding her hand all the way until she's ready to let go. 

And Layla, she's all Alex.  They were joking, elboing each other, teasing... its what they do.  Don't be fooled though.  Layla needed a reassuring hug from all 5 of us before we could walk out the door of her class.  She's tough, but she needs us just as much as we need her.

Only one more hour until I get to go get them!

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