Thursday, July 28, 2011

THE talk before THE talk

See this girl?

Beautiful no?  She's 8. And evidently, what my OBGYN did not tell me, when she placed this sweet babe in my arms, was that eight years will literally disappear before you can say "bob's your uncle." {who came up with that weird phrase anyway?}  And the other key piece of information she left out was that when a girl turns eight, she... well, starts getting emotional beyond all reason.  I didn't, so she surely gets this particular piece of genetics from her Daddy.

So a few months ago when I realized that her bouts of irrationalism were in fact a bit of a regular occurance... each month.... I had to face facts that sooner than I would ever dream, I will have to have THE talk with her.  No, not that talk.  The one that comes before the ONE.  Puberty.  Its an ugly word really.  Why can't someone come up with a word that doesn't make every muscle in my body tense up? I actually want to throw up a little.

I know babies.  Backwards and forwards. Toddlers, not a cinch... but manageable, pre-schoolers are so fun.  Do anything for 8 years straight and you will acquire some level of know-how.  But teenyboppers, tweens, pre-teens?  Terrifies me. 

I'm ridiculously unprepared for this.  But my girl, she just keeps on growing. I hear that happens when you feed them regularly. I read a ton of pregnancy and baby books.  So I guess that is the route I'm going to have to go for this also.  I'm a big proponent to mommy's having a huge amount of maternal instinct. We absolutely do.  But this particular area is a little lacking in me.  I just don't like to talk about it. 

My question is then, {SOS blogger world} what books would you recommend?  My dream is to raise all three of my girls to be Godly, pure, LADIES.  Not amish, but ladies.  HELP!!


  1. I would just talk about your theirs will go from their current body to where yours is now. How they'll get a bra, And most of all talk to them about Aunt "FLO" My mom NEVER talked to me about it and I thought I was dying! Then she brushed me off when it finally did come. Well ever since then even up until now they have been traumatic because I've been hospitalized multiple times due to cysts rupturing on my ovaries and BAD cramping. Make it a beautiful thing, not scary. Maybe get a nice flowery little bag for her backpack or something that has a pad and some tylenol in it, or give it to the nurse in case FLO first visits while she at school, get some new underwear and maybe a new pair of pants or a skirt in case there is a mess. That way she's prepared. And you are a little more too! :-)

  2. Bringing up Girls by Dobson.