Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Melt in Your Mouth

I leave for El Salvador in 4 days.  Am I working on Mt. Laundry?
No.  I'm too distracted.  Good thing I'm not God, am I right?  I'd wager he doesn't do laundry either though.
I've got my kids to prepare for me being away.
Grocery shopping {endless chore}.
Round up that silly passport, {they tend to not let you in and out of the country without it}.
I need to kiss my husband {alot}.
Write a book about my kids and their special quirks for the babysitter.
Continue to fight against the  raging emotions and heartbreak that comes with having family you love.
And so, to calm the torrential storm going on inside my head, I find myself here writing.  Addison is waiting for me to go play Rapunzel with her in the tree house, so this will be quick.

5 Things that Make Me Happy:
1. My anniversary date. I'm still smiling from it.  We adore our kids.  But having an opportunity to just be Alex and Mari for a couple hours was priceless. If we were a Master Card commercial this is how it would go:
Dinner at Wild Mango- $$
Anniversary Card-$
Friends who watch all four kids plus their two- Priceless
Opportunity to be alone and in love- Priceless

2. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake that I made for Alex's birthday

3. Going on Izzy's Second Grade Field Trip

4. Leftover rotisserie chicken on a sun-dried tomato tortilla.  If you have never had this run, don't walk {I suppose you should really drive} to your nearest dealer in rotisserie chickens, put it in your fridge, take it out the next day and put a big hunk of delicious chicken breast on a sun-dried tomato tortilla and wait for the bliss.  It will change your life.  If you really feel the need, you could add alfalfa sprouts or avocado or tomato.  This is not necessary however, and I'm concerned about the ramifications of making it even a smidge more delicious.  One might not live through the experience.  I have no picture because I couldn't put it down long enough to take a photo.  And I didn't want to show the world me, inhaling this tortilla wrap.

5. Layla's new lunch box that I got special with her name on it. 

5. Addison's Uno Faces, this one is "I drew a wild!"
Sometimes life threatens to swallow you whole.  And for the most part, I love to take part in every part of life.  I put on my game face and yell "BRING IT!"  And if need be, bust out some "Eye of the Tiger" or "Boogey Shoes" or if the situation really warrants, "We Like to Party" by the Vagabongs.
But when you feel like you just can't take a second more of the overwhelming "stuff" that comes with the package deal, its important to sit, breathe, maybe do some yoga, pray, write, pray some more and then jump back in cannon-ball style.

Don't forget that next week I'll be writing from El Salvador.  I'm going to try and share the journey with you while I'm there, we'll see how it goes.

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