Monday, June 20, 2011

Maravillosa Jesus! In El Salvador

Success!  We made it into El Salvador last night without incident!  And dry clothes!!!  Today we have been having meetings to plan out our week, and there are exciting things in the works.  Teaching, playing, cooking for the homeless... can´t wait to get started
(above from Sunday)
I´m finding it difficult to find a moment to write, but since I promised to share the journey while I am here, I´m squeezing in a moment before the English class begins.
Its difficult to put into words as eloquently as I would like, what we have seen, heard and experienced so far.  Pictures will have to wait until I return because the internet is spotty and I´m likely to cut out at any minu... just kidding.
This morning we toured the fishing pier where many of the El Salvadorian´s make thier living.  They go out on row boat sized fishing boats that are lifted by a small crane and ropes into the surf, (where by the way there are international surfing competitions held).  Going out on the water in these boats is no small feat.  But they do it day in and day out to provide for their families.  There was a young boy who swam out into the huge waves to bring in a huge fish that someone on the pier had caught with just a hook and line, no pole.  but the boy had to go out to hand reel it in and then carry it back up the rocky bank/cliff to the pier.  it was unbelievable!  The man on the pier offered the boy $6 to swim out and reel it in.  It was so dangerous!  He was continually getting knocked around by the waves, the fishing line was going all over and around him.  But he did it and didn´t give up until he had that fish in hand.  I wondered how it could possibly be worth risking your life to bring in a fish that was as big as his torso, but I found that an average salary is $30/week.  And then it made perfect sense.  Lunch is here.  Almuerzo!  More later. 

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