Monday, May 2, 2011

Nothing Groundbreaking Here

Much of a mom's life is routine.
Sometimes, there just isn't a whole lot of excitement.
But even those times deserve a bit of celebration and notice.
Because every moment in this house, with my loves, is a moment I am thankful for.
So today, I am celebrating nothing, that is actually---something.

A newly decorated dining room!  It was 6 years in the wings waiting to get some attention.  What started out as me saying to my Hunk, "Hey, I think I'll paint the dining room!" quickly turned into him redoing the ENTIRE room for me.

Notice- ugly carpet and cherry woodwork

And notice un-28 year old-like, hunter green and marroon paisley border?  That same green was the color of the inside front door too.

From Peanut Butter paint and Paisley border to.....

{and our new table and chairs arrives next Monday!!!}

 My Hunk did an amazing job  :)  All I did was pick out the paint color.

What else am I celebrating?
Spring is finally here in Ohio!

Yes, Spring is here and we are So, SO happy about it!


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  1. I LOVE it Mari!!! It looks so fresh and homey at the same time!! Great job!! Now, I just need to visit and see it in person ;) And I LOVE the picture of you smooching D!!!!!!