Friday, April 22, 2011

Happiness in Photos

Are you impressed?  Two Fridays in a row of remembering to post my favorite moments from the week?  We are happy people.  This Good Friday, I am overcome with the sacrifice of Jesus.  I am so sad at what he had to suffer.  But last week, when my oldest was baptized, I realized just how filled with joy I am at his gift of salvation too.  We are happiness around these parts lately.  We still deal with heartbreak like many others, but today I am thankful.

Finally some flowers

Papa Dan was here for Izzy's baptism, and oh how we loved having him.  Didn't even flinch when the girls said they wanted him in the little ol' back seat of my mini van with them.

Something as simple as going out to eat with your dad, (who lives clear in Oregon) was so treasured last weekend.
 2 kids, squished into 1 highchair reading together.  Yes, its the little things like this I will remember.
Before and After-ish (that door was a dark teal before) I've since put one more coat of white on the woodwork, and the walls are getting their "sliced cucumber" treatment this evening. I'm so excited!!!

Linkin' up at Life Rearranged again this week.  I like that this project challenges me to remember to choose all the joyful moments as my focus instead of the few- difficult things.   

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  1. Your blooming flowers are beautiful!! ANd I olove that "cucumber" shade!