Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Someone,{I don't remeber who} challenged people/women/bloggers, to pick a word for the year.  A word that we would try to be more of or do better. 

Mine was trust.

Today, when I have utterly failed at motherhood within an hour of getting out of bed, I am left with nothing else to do but trust my Lord.

Trust that He will forgive me for my failure.

Trust that He will help me do better with the rest of my day.

Trust that my children will forgive me as well.

{They've been set free from the prison of Winter and they are loving it!}

Trust God to do a good work in me today, because so far I have definitely not done a good work for Him.  Yowzah!  That's painful.

And with that little thought I am off to tackle a laundry Mt. Everest in my bedroom that truly needs a Sherpa to get through and put my two year old back to bed before I lose my bloody mind.


  1. Sweet friend, you'll never be perfect and your little ones will never remember the times you weren't perfect because of all the wonderful memories you make with them. I'm glad no one ever said motherhood is never easy... and I love your word for the year.

  2. I got choked up reading this one. I totally know what you mean by feeling like you've failed...after only being awake for an hour. Thanks for the reminder that God forgives...and so do our kids.