Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are hard core into Love...

.....and we celebrate the snot out of it.  Some people don't get into the big V day.  For some it is all about sticking their fists to commercialism, and for others it is a very lonely time.  Some refuse to take part in a "Hallmark" Holiday.

You know what though?  Every holiday there is, has been commercialized and skewed from what it should be.  Santa, Easter Bunny, Veteran's Day furniture sales.....

And some make the argument that you should show people you love them every day.  Not just one.  Well that would hold true for every holiday as well.  Be thankful everyday, not just Thanksgiving.  Celebrate Jesus every day, not just Christmas and Easter, etc.
But that's not the point.  You get out, what you put in.  What's important are the feelings and emotions behind your motives.

So with that in mind, I take Valentine's Day, jack it up, put it on a pedestal and ooze my love all over my family from beginning to glorious end. And hopefully, with every breath they take, they know that I love them to the moon and back.
It was Monday. And it was Lovely.


  1. LOVE IT! I can't wait to have that kind of energy again! Everything looks beautiful!

  2. You are so amazing! I have the same feelings. Ki and I made valentines for some friends and family and I made a nice dinner that we ate by candle light with sparking juice. AND Ki got to use real dishes. ;)

  3. that's such a nice words my dear friend and your're right and evrything you've written te quiero mucho amiga God bless you so much...

  4. how sweet! love is where it's at :)

  5. Well said! And what a fun thing to celebrate in dreary February!