Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I freely admit that my blog delves into the ridiculous sometimes.  But I just can't be all sunshine all the time.  It would be fake.  We all deal with stuff.  Hard stuff.  Sometimes we have people to hold our hands through it.  And sometimes its just you. Your broken down where you can't quite think of anything but that pain in your chest that has you grasping for a hand to hold.  If you are the latter, there is always a hand to hold.  You might not feel it in the flesh, but God IS sitting just within your reach waiting for you to stick your hand out.  Me?  I'm a lucky one.  I've got my husband, who never lets go until I'm ready.  I've got friends that are straight up gifts from God who GET me.  They care and they pray.  Who could ask for more? Today I don't have the words.  I'm not good for much more than a slow smile.  Like chocolate pudding. So, I bring you words from elsewhere.

I've read two pages today from women who I'm convinced get their words straight from God and my Holy Spirit directs me to them on exactly the days when their words are specifically for me.
From Beth Moore:
"I am convinced of that. We can get through virtually anything on love. I often ask God to spare my dear family of tragedy but not to spare us of His glory. Tragedies do sometimes come but we must never think for a moment that they’ve come lightly. We must steady our reeling selves to the anchor beyond the veil and know, when we know nothing else, that somehow, some way, glory must have been at stake."

Oh blessed analogy.  God is my anchor. I'm just waiting on the glory after the storm ends.  Oh its going to be good.  I believe it.  I am going to step out of that boat and fix my eyes on my Jesus and walk on some flingin' flangin' water!  I don't have to do anything on my own power.  What a relief.

And from Sarah Markley who is amazing and graceful.  And I'm only copying a portion, you can visit her site to read the rest.  I wouldn't copy and paste someone else's work, except that I think someone who might come to my site might not know about hers.  Let's put it this way:  These women help me, and who wants to keep that to themselves?  So go to her site. And just maybe her words will offer comfort like they so often do for me.

"When I can remember for what I have been created is when I act my best. When I remember Who loves me and Whom I love — that’s when I’m at the top of my game. When I decide to take a deep breath, act at the level of maturity I’ve {hopefully} gained over the past 35 years that I function the best.
It’s when I act my age.
And even if I have to agree to it through gritted teeth:
I won’t stomp out of an argument with my husband.
I won’t hang up on my sister.
I won’t let petty things, like misplaced keys, throw off my whole day.
My feeble attempt, today, will be to not allow insignificant irritations ruin my life and shackle me to the maturity level of a Kindergartner.
Today I will act my age.

Sometimes I just don't have the words. And so I need words from God.  And words that are God-breathed by others I admire.  Who is your anchor?  Are you reeling and need a hand?


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