Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My kids are growing and changing so fast. Any mother out there can attest to the speed at which your two day old baby becomes a first grader reading books to you instead of the other way around. So, I drowned my self in old pictures a few nights ago to try and recapture those moments. So here are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy of my travel back in time.

If only I could actually hop back and really take in Izzy's Shirley Temple curls

and Layla's sweet little pig tails

And Addison's snuggly little body.

I feel as if our world just changed yesterday with the arrival of our handsome little man. He was such a tiny thing until a few months ago and now he is such a toddler raring to go!
For whatever reason, I cannot get the picture of Donovan to upload. Oh well.

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