Friday, September 25, 2009

My Kids

This morning as I was pushing the stroller down the sidewalk and watching my three girls run in the morning sunshine and stomp the Autumn leaves I was overcome with mom emotions for them and the smile on my face could not budge. You see, when you have three daughters you have your fair share of arguments, especially because they share clothes and toys. But this morning, it was pure sister love going on. They would run and chase, stop to let Addison catch them (who by the way ran, and ran, and never gave up), give her a big hug and then run on. Then as we got to the school, the older girls took off to their class, this is what my Gus-Gus said.
"Loves you sisters, see yous at ours house after school!" Then blew them a kiss. I could not possibly make all that mush up. I was just witness to it. So anyway, on the way home as I watched Addison run, call her own red light green light game and turn and smile at me, it occurred to me that my kids are all very different things to me. So, since they put me in a mushy-gushy mood I'm going to just embrace it and tell you my conclusions.

She is my ocean. Un-rivaled beauty. Calm but with a side of stormy that you don't want to be out in. Fascinates me.

She is a funky beat. It makes you smile. You can't help but get caught up and swept away, tapping your toes to it. Brings you out of the darkness. Unexpected. Catches you unaware. Always want to play it again.

She is sunshine. Life giving. Turn your face into it to warm you. Endlessly Shines. Will burn you if you're not careful. You know when its been cloudy a long time and then the sun surprises you the next day? That's what she is for me. Has been since the day she was born safely.

He is a toy ball. Didn't know I wanted one. Bouncy. Always fun. Works better in my hand than others'. Never want to share or lose it.


  1. Mari, I can't begin to tell you all the different ways I love this post. It melted my heart hearing about your children, then it warmed it to hear your descriptions of them. I love it. You, my dear, have been given an amazing gift, and motherhood looks good on you :-) I love that you're my friend :-)

  2. God certainly gave you a "mixed" bouquet. Each one beautiful in it's own way and the bouquet wouldn't be complete without each one. And best of all you love each flower for it's uniqueness.