Monday, April 6, 2009


So, I have a fantastic weekend with half of my family, a great relaxing time at the airport even though I ended up waiting for 4 hours to start on my way home.... and then two hours that made me feel lousy about my self and made some other ladies in their 20's feel pretty darn good about themselves.

Here's the picture. Please enjoy my misery. I woke up early to get ready to come home. Too tired for makeup, and I'm pretty sure I didn't brush my hair before I put it in a ponytail. Airport, delays, yadayadayada, you know the story. Fortunately I have amazing parents who took me to eat at a nice dark restaurant (to kill time) where Donovan got a nice little nap on the booth seat. Anyway, I finally make it to my gate where I quickly breastfeed my baby in the farthest seat from anyone so i can use my bottles on the plane. (I was seated between two men on the way there and couldn't bring myself to do feed him on the plane) Lesson learned. So, I feed him, start to burp him and out of sheer exhaustion forget the burp cloth..... dum dum dum, dumb. He of course spits up on my shoulder. And then proceeds to wipe his nose on my shoulder.....It still makes me cringe. Just at that moment up walks this tall beautiful young woman with it all together. "You've got to be kidding me God, this isn't funny." Lovely hair, accesories that would make a professional stylist proud, high heels, stylish CLEAN clothes, and one cute little purse. And I think to myself in my snot and spit up covered shirt that I am hating this woman a little right now. Donovan of course chooses right then to start crying. Which he proceeds to do until takeoff. I know everyone in the lobby is thinking the same thing. "I hope I'm not sitting next to her". And I am saying over and over to myself, please God I don't want to sit next to that girl......... Lo and behold, who sits down one seat over? Miss Perfect. No one ended up sitting between us, as soon as she sat I swore to her that Donovan would stop crying as soon as the plane leaves. (which he did. Blessedly.) She politely ha ha's and smiles and says it won't bother her and not to worry....WHATEVER! No way did I believe her. Especially since she was sitting on my left which was the spitup/snot side. Anyway, He slept the entire time, and woke up with the sweetest little smile on his face. And I smile back even though he just put me thru 2 straight hours of utter self berating of why exactly I couldn't bother to spend 5 minutes on some makeup and a pair of earrings?

I happily get off the plane and away from her to start the whole scenario over again in another waiting area, except this time with TWO perfect little 20 somethings.


  1. I'm sorry Mari. Ever thought of writing about your adventures (misadventures)? You have a way with words. I had sympathy for your pain while at the same time chuckling. Probably because, been there, done that, still doing that! Invariably if I run to the store in sweats and hair barely combed because I'm lazy and in a hurry, I meet someone I know...usually from church...errrr!

  2. Aww Mari! I love ya girl!! I did giggle a little just picturing it - cause I've SOOOO been there done that (maybe not at an airport, but still!) I'm glad you had a good visit with family!!