Monday, December 8, 2008

This weekend was packed full of fun....for the girls and their dad. I watched from the window as I am not walking so well these days. I did notice a few things though.

*Izzy will patiently watch and help every step of the Christmas light process. (including wiggling every little light) She will stand outside patiently holding the end of the line so it doesn't get tangled while Daddy wraps the trees.

*Layla when it is her turn to help with a tree will hold the line and start running full on into the back of Alex giggling her little head off, just to abandon the helper job 2 minutes later to go dance in the snow.

*Alex LOVES the qualities in both girls and takes it all in stride including Layla's goldfish attention span, and Izzy's incessant need to help in every step and never ending questions so that she doesn't miss a detail even when it slows him down (which he hates).

I'll put pictures up later. Oh, and this is my final thing. I am 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant. There is a particular spot that a baby can push down on that is not particularly painful but almost feels like some one bouncing on your bladder when it is at max capacity, which is so not fun. I have less than 19 days until my baby gets here!!!!! Now I need to go attend to all the things that I haven't done yet to prepare for said baby.

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  1. I want belly pictures!!!! I don't think with the three girls that I've seen you really pregnant and I want to! : -)