Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ok, well I realize that it has been a while since I have posted but I promise I have good reason. Here's a little of what is going on.

Lets scoot back a week or two and then catch up:
~Homework every night with Izzy (man that girl has a lot of reading to do every night)
~Doctor's appointments
~One trip to the hospital to stop labor
~Christmas shopping
~Birthday shopping for Addison,
~Planning for Izzy's birthday
~Grocery shopping (I spend way too much time in stores but its not my fault)
~Multiple trips to Home Depot to help Alex pick out stuff for the basement he is almost done with!!!!!

Which brings us up to the present-
~Several meetings about carpet for the basement
~still homework
~doctor appointments still
~oh, did I mention that I am 35 weeks pregnant and this baby is a break-dancer?
~Baking with my girls this afternoon, and possibly bible study this evening
~Tomorrow getting my roots fixed so that I don't look like a big goober anymore
~Saturday, baby shower
~Sunday- church, christmas tree, Christmas party in Elyria Square in which the girls and I painted some milk jug luminaries to help decorate
~Dec. 15- Carpet install in the basement (hope Alex is done painting!)
~Dec. 17- Izzy's first Winter Program at school
~Dec. 18- Addison's second Birthday
~Dec. 19- Layla's first Christmas party at school, I'll just bring punch this year I think
~Dec. 23- Last Doctor appointment
~Dec. 24- Christmas Eve at our house (only two people are coming and Alex cooks, so I'm not too worried about this one)
~Dec. 25- Christmas obviously, probably we'll be at Alex's parent's house
~Dec. 27-29- Trip to hospital to get this baby out!!!!
~Jan. 6- Izzy's 6th Birthday....this one will be a sobber. 6 is so old.... And she is about to lose her first tooth....what's a mom to do?

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  1. DANG girl! You are one busy mama!! No wonder little man wanted to come out and see you - he wanted to see what all the commotion was about! Hope you're holding up, the last few weeks kinda suck ;-) Love ya!