Monday, January 26, 2015

Just a Snap Shot and an Oldie But (humiliating) Goldie

I haven't written anything of significance in quite a while, and that might be reason for my current funk. Or it could be homeschooling four children, all of varying grades, or the fact that I willingly underwent surgery on my deviated septum in a foreign country. Or it could most definitely be linked to feeling all of the things, about the people, poverty, and country where I currently reside. I'm vowing to get back on the writing, little things, big things, funny things.

For instance, presently I feel like my 6 year old son should have a tape recorder (do those exist anymore???) in his pocket all day. Because he is the King of Random and hilarity. Like this gem, not 5 minutes ago. " Remember when Evelin was teaching us Spanish (a year ago), and said the word "Pepino?! That was sooooooo funny."

Retold as if it was the funniest moment in our family's history. He didn't appreciate the cricket chirps that followed. And whenever this happens, he does his very own
"Bu dum chhhhhhh.... Bwahahahahahahahah!" About 15 times a day.

Like he's Brian Regan deserving of a drum trill. Later I will tell you his thoughts on blacksmiths.

That's not the point of all this. I don't feel like writing because Sunday will be one year here, so to say that I have a lot of feelings and thoughts is an understatement.  While I figure out the state of my brain, I thought you might enjoy a repost of an old blog, to dip my toes back into writing.

It is in no way a literary masterpiece, for it was written while I was still ashamed to be amongst other talking, calm, collected, adults.  So read it for what it's worth. :-)

So click on over to the most embarrassing moment, when I went to Ree Drummond's book signing. When she was famous, but pre-television famous.

And for all my new friends in Columbus, please forgive the post-trauma disdain for Columbus. I didn't know there were such awesome people there. :-)

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