Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Then There Was Addison

I think that God knew the world would need an Addison Jane. 

I think He knew that such a spirit of love, joy, compassion, with such pureness of heart would be necessary in this crazy existence.

For to know her is to hold a gift so dear. 

To have her smile upon you is a treasure for always.

To experience her love is coveted by all. 

And she is mine.

And the truth is, we need her.

Because the world can be an ugly, dark place.

And she makes it all brighter. Every day.

This world better watch out, because one day this girl is going to take her precious love, and change every thing.

And we will all say, that we knew it was coming. We saw it in her eyes.

Because God knew the world would need Addison. Like He knew I needed her. 

Happy 8th Birthday my sweet angel.

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