Saturday, April 12, 2014

Room to Grow

One of our primary goals in La Libertad is to help feed and share Jesus with as many kids as we can. How does a child understand the love of a Father God if they do not understand the love of an earthly father? In many cases, for kids that are in our program, their lives are empty bellies and empty hearts. Not all cases, but most of our kids come from very painful homes.

We strive to be a place of safety, love, and to be their anchor.
Of course we want to bring as many kids into our program as we can. But as we grow and bring in more children, love more children, feed more children, that means we need more space.

There is a tremendous opportunity to rent the adjoining building to our church, that will allow for a more expanded ministry to our community. It allows us to embrace more children, and minister to their families as well.

This is a big goal! We need $330 a month in rent... that's a lot. But nothing is too big for our God. We are trusting and praying.  It is always so incredible to start with a dream, pray a lot and watch how it unfolds! We believe that Jesus is going to take our loaves and fishes, just as he did in the Bible, and multiply it, and then multiply our numbers.

The first video is from when we went out to sign up kids and the second is to show you our exciting new space!

Please join with us in praying for this building and for the little lives that will soon be joining us every day.


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