Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Navy + La Libertad = Awesomeness

I seriously cannot speak highly enough, of our United States Navy. I get so tired of seeing news stories that portray one man in a bad light. So what I have for you is a news story celebrating them!

What I want you see is men, who serve our country, who risk their lives, sacrifice time with their families, who serve. And then on their day off, serve some more. Are you kidding me?  People, thank a soldier/marine/sailor today. Pray for a soldier/marine/sailor today. DO something for a soldier/marine/sailor today. Go to an airport and welcome them home with banners, applause and cake. Lots of cake and balloons. Always balloons.

We were honored to have 5 amazing men from the Navy come and give their day off to us. Their day off, they spent working for the people of La Libertad..... awe-someness. 

There was a dream to have a clothing bank.  There was an empty room. There was a TON of clothes from a clothing drive in Jacksonville, FL. 

But we needed a way to store and display it all. So they came and worked alongside men from our church, incidentally, on their day off too. It was as Alex described, about 5,380 degrees. I was reduced to a puddle of thankfulness {ie:sweat} as they helped build and mount shelves with men from our church, build hanging racks,  and sort 20 bags of clothing. 

I won't tell you which one, but one of those dudes had to endure some jeering from the others for being assigned to help me with the sorting of the clothes, rather than swinging a hammer..... I feel he deserves a special medal. 

The goal? To not just give away clothing. That's too easy. And it isn't necessarily best practice. When one simply gives away all the time, a dependency is created and encouraged. This is not what we want. 

At Iglesia Gran Comision, we believe in empowering people.  We want to lift people up, encourage, provide opportunity to thrive, not just survive. So our clothing bank/flea market/resale shop will charge minimal prices. I'm talking 10 and 25 cents (There is a local thrift shop, but our demographic closer to  the church cannot afford the prices there).  What ever money is made will 100% go directly back into programs that feed, encourage, and lift people up. 

Thank you so much for all you do!!

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